Stylish coffee cup sleeve with authentic coffee farm print from THE COFFEE JACKET

The Coffee Jacket

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Sustainable transformation of used coffee bags into nature-friendly Coffee-to-Go accessories for passionate coffee fans who love to enjoy their favorite coffee when walking.
Exactly for coffee lovers like you, for whom coffee is a bit more than just a drink, we from THE COFFEE JACKET have developed this wonderful accessory from hand-picked used coffee bags and produced it in a completely sustainable manner.
The outer material of this Coffee-to-Go sleeve is the jute (100% organic fibers) of a used coffee bag, which will from now coat the mug with your favorite morning coffee and protect your hands from the heat.
Its unusual design this handmade coffee cup sleeve owes to the authentic pattern that was printed on the coffee bag on the far away coffee farm as a symbol of the native coffee plantation. Another decoration of this coffee cup sleeve is a 100% natural coconut button, which enables its easy opening and closing.

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