THE COFFEE JACKET Blue Scull MEN - smart men's blazer out of upcycled coffee bags with original coffee farm`s print, limited Edition premium quality apparel Eco-fashion Handmade

The Coffee Jacket

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As already the vivacious, fun-loving blue scull on the jacket`s back hints, this inimitable designer jacket has deep Mexican roots. Since it was exactly a far-off Mexican coffee farm, where these highly rare and distinctive blue-scull-coffee-bags started their round-the-world trip to The Coffee Jacket. Their new life as your Limied Edition Jacket.

Fascinating design with a casually elegant note and the cut of a dynamic functional men`s jacket. Ideal for business und leisure. Inside delicately processed with silky lining and detailed with premium-quality Austrian loden and natural olive tree buttons.

Up to 90% hand-crafted with pure love for details.

Unique and timeless. A must-have for your wardrobe and your ambitious ego.

- Outer material – thick jute (100% bio-fiber) from carefully selected used coffee bags decorated with authentic print of the Mexican coffee farm. Over thousands of miles, across lands and seas, these bags carried fresh coffee beans inside. Before processing each coffee bag is thoroughly cleaned;

- Lining - 50% viscose / 50% acetate - vivdly-coloured and patterned with a world map;

- 3 outside pockets, 2 spacious inside pockets and 1 small inside pocket for business cards to keep to hand all a gentleman may need; 

- Natural olive tree buttons;  

- Collar and pockets detailed with the high-quality Austrian loden;

- Looking scratchy, but feeling silky like your second skin;

- Over time your jacket becomes and looks more and more soft like a leather jacket;

- Dries quickly after the rain;

- Suitable for dry cleaning;

- Premium-quality manufactory work!

Highly limited collection!

Each jacket - unique & different!

Made in Europe with love for details.

Each The Coffee Jacket is unique, but only the very special ones become the Limited Editions.

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