THE COFFEE JACKET - The art of Upcycling and reusing

You are wearing a jacket that has travelled many thousands of miles around the world. Created from rare, exquisite coffee sacks that arrived from quite small and not broadly known coffee farms and, consequently, available in really limited quantities.

The precious coffee beans has been transported in these sacks across the oceans - from coffee plantations to coffee storages from which they found their way to coffee roasteries.

But what do you do with the remaining coffee sacks which have done their job for now?

With great attention to detail, The Coffee Jacket was made out of such coffee bags. Up to 75% handcrafted and for custom jackets - 100% handmade.
With a sustainable thought in mind - the so-called upcycling - we took up the idea of reusing existing resources and materials for The Coffee Jacket® and creatively implemented it together with national and international designers.

Changes of the jute texcture and fibers traces are part of the jacket`s image and also show the traces of its long journey and backstory. We use only coffee bags in good condition which we buy from around the world. Before processing, each coffee bag is thoroughly cleaned without using chemical additives.

After wearing it regularly, we recommend having your The Coffee Jacket cleaned once a year. Here again, slight color changes can be caused by cleaning due to pure natural fiber.

We attach great importance to fair trade, so that your Coffee Jacket could respond to the needs of environmental awareness and the ethical values of our society.

Coffee sacks are made from jute - a 100% natural and biodegradable fiber. It does not develop any toxic gases or other harmful substances.

Welcome to a new world of clothing that is always time-independent and that enjoys absolute exclusivity.

You will see, feel and love it!




Ralf Moeller (German-American actor & former Mr. Universum): "I think The Coffee Jacket is just fantastic, since I also stand for sustainability. Amazing, what can become of a used coffee bag - just cool and great! My Tailored jacket fits perfectly!"