THE COFFEE JACKET - The art of Upcycling The art of reusing / recyclings)

You are wearing a jacket that has traveled many 1,000 miles around the world. Created from selected coffee bags, each of which is only available once in its own way.

The valuable coffee beans in these coffee bags were transported from coffee plantations across the oceans to be stored in coffee stores before they found their way to the coffee roasters.

But what do you do with the remaining coffee bags that have done their job so far?

This jacket was made from it with great attention to detail. 75 handmade and 100 handmade for custom-made products. We have the sustainable idea of reusing existing resources and materials, so-called upcycling, in order to conserve raw materials, in the idea ofon THE COFFEE JACKET taken up and creatively implemented in cooperation with national and international designers.

Changes in the structure and fiber traces are part of the jacket's image and also show the traces of its long journey and history. We only use well-preserved, used coffee bags that we buy worldwide. Before processing, they are subjected to a thorough cleaning. We refrain from chemical additives.

We recommend after regular wearingTHE COFFEE JACKETto have it cleaned once a year in a cleaning service. Here, too, the pure natural fibers can cause color changes.

We pay attention to fair trade, so yourTHE COFFEE JACKET takes into account not only environmental awareness, but also the ethical values of our society.

Coffee bags are made from jute. A 100% natural fiber and biodegradable. It does not develop any toxic gases or other harmful substances..

Welcome - step into a new world of clothing that is always independent of time and that enjoys absolute exclusivity.

You will feel it and experience it!




Ralf Möller German-American Actor & amp; Former Mr. Universum: "I think The Coffee Jacket is great because I also stand for sustainability. What can become of a used coffee bag - just cool and class! My bespoke jacket fits perfectly!"!"